My name is Karin, owner and founder of YOU!Students. I’m a former lawyer and registrar at the Limburg court of law and lecturer in law at the Higher Legal Education in Sittard. When I was a young girl, my dream was to become a history teacher, maybe because I always liked my high school history teacher. Her classes were the only classes I really looked forward to. But after getting my degree in Law, I decided to become a law teacher. After three years of teaching, I decided it was time for something different: the entrepreneurship. Because in the end, blood is thicker than water.

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I like independence, capacity, open-mindedness, loyalty and perseverance. Soon I will extend these skills and link them to education in the blogs I will post on this website. I was wondering whether there is a student who would like to write blogs about these subjects? You would be writing a blog every two weeks about one of the above words and link them to student life. .

I’m challenging you! Send me a nice blog about student life and maybe you’ll be the one who gets to write about student life on my website. You’ll receive a YOU!Students giftcard worth 10 coins


I really enjoying providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills, to help them pass their exams, and to help them completing and submitting a thesis. Being a teacher taught me a lot. I like to face challenges and to make something out of nothing. This challenge has now become reality by founding YOU!Students.

YOU!Students takes you further in your education. We do this by offering study lessons, a quiet study area, coaching, thesis supervision and arranging workshops like a presentation workshop or themed workshops such as ‘’passing your math test and language test for Higher Professional Education”.


You need knowledge and skills, but YOU!Students pays attention to the person behind the student. Because your life is shaped by things you experience; sometimes studying feels wrong and sometimes it feels right. Maybe you’re not always feeling good about yourself or the circumstances are working against you. Long story short: if you have the drive to pursue your dreams, solutions will come your way.

Customized learning is becoming more available and accessible. “No matter where you want to go, you will get there. You don’t need to have an ultimate goal; the way towards reaching your goal is an adventure itself.”


I’m Ian Sünnen, as a coach and facilitator involved in YOU!Students. 25 years of my professional life I worked as a (senior) lecturer social - agogic courses and mediation also as a mentor, supervisor and coordinator of the undergraduate education at first Fontys University and since 1995 at Zuyd University.

I like to work with students because there is always a refreshing, innovative and intellectual challenge going out of it. I'm proficient in dealing with differences in perceptions and interests. Active with competencies and skills are primarily things you should do, if you as a mentor deal with students. I am creative and I can motivate people and encourage them to find solutions. I motivating you constructively on your skills and abilities. I hereby establish both the content and the process of development. Knowledge and skills to discover, acquire professionalism. That I find the value to be operable within YOU! Students.