Sometimes you can’t focus on studying due to perfectionism, lack of motivation or having too much on your plate. Whatever the reason may be; don’t worry, YOU!Students is here to help you by coaching you through it. Find us if you’re having trouble focusing on your studies (three coins for 1,5 hour).


You’re going to college or university, but you’re struggling with finding the right Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. We can help you answer this question. Although this isn’t free of charge, picking the wrong study is probably more expensive. And should you have made the wrong choice of study, what’s the best way to find a study that suits you? One of our study choice counselors at YOU!Students will help you answer that question. A complete study choice programme costs 10 coins

Do you want to sign up? Please call or send a WhatsApp message to 06-23390018. You can also send us an email at